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With Patrick we are friends. He likes my voice and decided to make our first CD with his own lyrics and music. We worked long hours tirelessly and happily.

The songs speak about sweet roads, with love, lost happiness, separation, pain, dreams and uncertain feelings.

We love them very much and hope that you’ll love and through them as well !

Through the songs we hope that you’ll travel to a world full of dreams, colors and aromas.

Good Listening and happy travels with the sweet melodies !


I live in Crete and it was natural that, one day or an other, this language carries my songs. Some of them have been choosen by Popi. «It’s a shame that they are not in greek !».

Between trials and errors, we translated. We have worked tirelessly with Popi, learning from each other. A few of them are only in greek.

I hope that this edition will reflect the feeling that we put inside them.


Thanks for the translation and adaptationin in greek :

To Eleni Perinou, Christina Platsouka, Fotini Karvouni. and Popi Aspradaki.

Thanks for the very nice bouzouki to Iannis Rebelakis in 5 songs

01 - ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ happy birthday P.Xenidaki E.Perinou I.Rebelakis

02 - Ο ΓΕΡΟΣ the old man P.Xenidaki F.Karvouni

03 - ΣΒΗΣΜΕΝΗ ΕΥΤΥΧΕΙΑ lost happiness P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

04 - ΔΡΟΜΟ ΠΙΟ ΓΛΥΚΟ sweeter road P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka I.Rebelakis

05 - ΡΙΞΕ ΦΟΤΙΑ ΣΤΟΝ ΟΥΡΑΝΟ fire the sky P.Xenidaki F.Karvouni

06 - Ο ΙΚΑΡΟΣ the Icarus P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

07 - ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟ ΣΕ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟ face to face P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka I.Rebelakis

08 - ΟΙ ΕΡΑΣΤΕΣ the lovers P.Xenidaki

09 - ΦΕΥΓΩ I'm living P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

10 - ΣΥΝΑΙΣΘΗΜΑΤΑ ΑΒΕΒΑΙΑ uncertain emotions P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

11 - Η ΚΛΕΨΥΔΡΑ the hourglass P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

12 - ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΣΕ ΚΙΝΔΙΝΟ children in danger P.Xenidaki F.Karvouni

13 - Ο ΚΑΦΡΕΦΤΗΣ the mirror P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka I.Rebelakis

14 - ΤΟ ΟΝΕΙΡΟ the dream P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

15 - ΧΟΡΕΥΕΙΣ ΣΟΒΑΡΑ serious dancer P.Xenidaki E.Perinou I.Rebelakis

16 - ΦΤΟΧΟΙ ΟΧΙ ΠΛΟΥΣΙΟΙ poor not rich P.Xenidaki C.Platsouka

Words, orchestration and back voice, Patrick Kaloust Aslanian

Original titles in french :

02 - Ο ΓΕΡΟΣ  "le vieillard" album Dépendance

03 - ΣΒΗΣΜΕΝΗ ΕΥΤΥΧΕΙΑ "bonheur effacé" album Avocalypses

06 - Ο ΙΚΑΡΟΣ the Icarus "l'icare" album Parabole

07 - ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟ ΣΕ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟ "face à face" album Ballades

08 - ΟΙ ΕΡΑΣΤΕΣ "comme un appel" album Parabole

09 - ΦΕΥΓΩ "partir" album Avocalypses

10 - ΣΥΝΑΙΣΘΗΜΑΤΑ ΑΒΕΒΑΙΑ "aux émois maladroits" album Vue du ciel

11 - Η ΚΛΕΨΥΔΡΑ "le sablier" album Au fil du temps

12 - ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΣΕ ΚΙΝΔΙΝΟ «enfant à risque» album Aigremoine

13 - Ο ΚΑΦΡΕΦΤΗΣ "aquarelle" album Ballades

14 - ΤΟ ΟΝΕΙΡΟ "le passeur" album Aigremoine

16 - ΦΤΟΧΟΙ ΟΧΙ ΠΛΟΥΣΙΟΙ "pauvre pas riche" album Avocalypses

The other songs where written in Greek language.

photo Venetia Οιkonomaki Poula

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