Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How started the passion for music ?

I guess like many teenagers. Some live in families where it is fashionable to know a musical instrument. However, most do what they can. At fifthteen I saved six months of pocket money to buy my first guitar, a classic one. I lived in Normandy at that time. I do not know what became after.

I discovered a few chords by myself. Or during or coach. So I immediately started writing. It was magical and it s stuck. A great fellow at the college showed me a few chords.

I first set to music poems by Jean-Pierre Ghesquière and Pierre Reverdy. Then I started writing. First in english then in French and now in greek.

I quickly went to the folk. I went to study at Paris. I swapped one of my paintings against a twelve string guitar Yamaha. I played my songs in the subway with an harmonica. Then I went to the restaurant to spend the money. Just for fun !

I know it is not obvious, but if you had to introduce yourself in a few words or lines, what would you say ?

Already that I am not : singer. I interpret my compositions till I met people to do it. Just to keep a written record of my work. I do not know how to read music : so I had a tape recorder sometimes you hear the crackling wood of a fire place !

Songwriter sometimes, or rather poet. Not really a musician : I try to .

I later discovered the magic of arrangements with workstation Roland XP45 and multirecording on pc with cakewalk as DAW. An exciting world that has allowed me to explore different sounds other folk.

So a little bit interpret, arranger and self-producer with the studio where I spend most of my time.

What influences you claim ?

Singers I listened to :

Writers : Ferré , Brel, Brassens, Moustaki , Gainsbourg,

Voices : Piaf, Barbara Sanson .

Performers : Montand , Aznavour , Reggiani , Dassin .

Anglo Saxon : Dylan , Cohen, " Creedence Clearwater Revival «Pink Floyd».

For Greek music Theodorakis , Xatzidakis , Savopoulos ... And many others that I discovered later as Led Zeppelin ..

How came the idea of publishing now ? Well, I mean 57 years old.

Leaving a trace. Give meaning to my work. Share, maybe find an audience who knows! I never could really devote myself to music. Just during the holidays. Ten songs per year. This summer I wrote sixty. All is not lost !

You set up a studio . In a few lines what are the hardware that make the heart ?

In fact since we live stereo minik7 they are accelerating opportunities for musicians. And anyone can buy at reasonable prices high professionnal hardware. I do not think too much I was mistaken in the choice of the material :

For mixing Presonus StudioLive 16 tracks driven on an iMac with StudioOne software ;

To arrange a Korg Kronos Workstation ;

For electric guitar Kemper Amp Profiler ;

For the electro-acoustic enclosure Aura Spectrum Fishman.

Rhythmic with the Boss DR-880 ;

For voice processor VoiceLive 2 of TC-Helicon

For compression rack ADL600 Presonus .

and obviously some microphones : Rode , AKG , Shure ;

To listen studio and control I chose Rockit and correction in KRK Ergo .

This does not mean that I know them by heart. But I'm learning.

You signed 3 albums this month at Jamendo licensed free listening. Can you introduce them ?

For me it is a triptych.

Avocalypse, the first is a project that was close to my heart for a long time. Multitrack can work on vocalizations and onomatopoeia. Half of the songs are on the subject of politics, but there is also humor.

Ballads, is much more conventional. That may be what is best for attentive listening.

I discuss topics, personal, psychological, sometimes dramatic but also humor and poetry.

Acids translated my first experiments with electric guitar that I worked for 4 years. This is probably the most difficult to approach because the themes are mostly oriented politics and war (8 songs out of 13).

How do you spread the creative tasks ?

First I build a composition : Rhythmic, bass, guitar, synth. Some do not readily accept a melody. I remove them. They will be prepared for other projects. I put a melody and put them let them in a drawer. Decantation : very important. Let time do its job.

This year there were over 100 compositions close to host words. Actually went 20 complete applications from each album.

Then Yves Carrion sort and classthe songs. And I must say that its proposals give a new dimension to each album. For over 20 years this collaboration has always been valuable and rewarding.

Ultimately 12 or 13 songs are published.

How did you choose the artwork ?

For me the 3 albums are inseparable.

I choosed 3 infographic watercolors that I made in 2004 .

Dramatic clouds in a steppe sunset reflecting concern for the album Avocalypse .

Green and water Ballades. Serenity, distancing and reflection.

Ignition red for acids which is a cry and sometimes unbearable pain.

How does the production chain diffusion promotion ?

It is reduced to its simplest expression. When the song order is final, I master. Finally a big word. I'm not a sound engineer, but I use my ears to listen.

It is proposed to upload at Jamendo which publishes several days later.

And there begins the update websites I manage. on the official site, Tumblr. I announced on facebook and twitter publications.

I realize the songbook albums that everyone can download on the site.

Then I look for ideas for presentation videos. For each of them I chose 30 seconds of the most radio passages, a sort of audio digest . Then I realized with mounting free footages. Everything goes through the image in our society.

Then I built the full clip of a song. It takes more time. But it can continue to live the song.

I put the clips on YouTube , Vimeo , MySpace , DailyMotion.

No mechanical reproduction considered for the moment .

and I ... move on !

No, from time to time I look at the viewing figures and reading fans. (laughs)

I take a picture and I make a link to a song.

What do you remember of that first publication on Jamendo ?

In an anonymous world, it takes a miracle for someone to be recognized. And this is perhaps the best. The democratization of communication that this dilutes and often leveled at the bottom. But that's another story. So he must fight, be imaginative. Jamendo is a great idea and everything is still free on the internet too.

To me that doest not make scene , it may be an opportunity to meet the performers. To have a return .. in 6 or 7 years !

I have a lot to improve ! Could do better would the teacher !

What were your cravings with the recording of these albums?

Go to the end of a publication, a complete cycle. This is my transition between France and Crete.

What are your plans now ?

Translate in Greek few songs , meet interpreters.

Laying out written since 1970 that have never been published songs.

Distribute other musical albums. And continue to write and compose,... learn.

If you had to name 3 discs without which you can not live ?

I do not know. I enjoy lots of music from around the world on all continents. When I listen I produce little. When I paint I need music. Classical or otherwise. Perhaps those who have marked me ?

Moustaki 's first album which also lies between two cultures as Dassin and Cat Stevens.

What are your favorite songs ?

There are two years I was asked to sing on stage known songs. They all revolve around 60 Obviously this is an album that will never be published for copyright issues but it allowed me to take what I liked. :

Dassin - Champs Elysées ; Brel - the flat country , Amsterdam ; Aufray - Santiano , ;

Ferré its extra ; Halliday - the penitentiary, I love you ; Moustaki - the wog , time to live ; the beatles - let it be ; Cohen - the partisan ; Dylan - blowing in the wind , shelter from the storm ...

By visiting your personal website you will discover other passions ?

Pedagogy first. This is the richest part of the site with the publications of my students, their classroom environment. In fact it was originally the site of the class !

Paint and graphics with an overview of my career.

Performances given Maridati 4 years I filmed. Eleni Perinou brings musicians from all over Greece to perform on this little scene. You learn a lot by watching the musicians on stage.

There are also a few documentaries.

Guitar, brush, camera , photo montages and learning.

For the title MetaCreation ?

This is what happens after (meta in Greek) creation.

Issue more personal. Is being retired change anything?

Yes it is a new life begins and I hope it will be long.

Why did you choose Crete ?

The people are very friendly. The isolaton on an island is necessary to create.

author's note : this interview is fictional, however the answers are right!