Patrick Kaloust ASLANIAN




Born in Paris in 1956, from greek father of Armenian descent and french mother. His early interest in music began with his first poems and songs. As a teenager, he wrote his first songs in english accompanied by his 12-string guitar : pig 's rock , traveling in may, teaching time, ... he plays in the subway.

He listens, Dylan , Cohen, Moustaki , Barbara, Brel, Brassens, Piaf, Dassin, Marley, Sanson ...

In 1977, he moved to Greece and learns his father langage. He discovered the music of this country that remains one of his great passions.

He settled in the south of France. then back to Thessaloniki in greece where he stayed until 1987. During this period he made several painting exhibitions and won the performing Award at the Thessaloniki Music Festival with "traveling in may".

Married with two children, he became a teacher and has been in the Var in France. It was at this time that he discovered that the computer will quickly become a tool for his creation.

Each year, he wrote songs that remained in a drawer until his retirement.

In 2009, he left the national education and settled in Crete where he build a homestudio where he start shaping his musical compositions.

He filmed concerts and creates his music videos. During summertime he is guide for tourists.

In 2012 he published his first triptych on Jamendo. Since , other albums are regularly published. In 2015, more than 18 albums are published.

With Popi Xenidaki he translated several of his compositions in Greek. That collaboration that lasts more than a year. the album FACE FACE was published in late 2013. They are preparing a second one for 2016.

The Homesetudio Roussa project welcomes regularly artists from the region of Sitia in the east part of Crete