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Patrick Kaloust ASLANIAN


" Journal of Thessaloniki GREECE North February 4, 1979

• Patrick ASLANIAN

Parallel to the exhibition "Lines" , the painter Patrick Aslanian has now his first comprehensive retrospective at the French Institute of Thessaloniki, with a series of works painted from 1975 to 1978 and divided into four parts entitled :

" Colors and Shapes "

Patrick Aslanian is young. He was born in Paris in 1956. He wrote poems in French , composes music and has been painting since 1970.

As stated in the preface to the exhibition catalog his painting is influenced by movements in art : Ideas of De Stilj in Holland, the Bauhaus school in Germany and the work of Hans ARP . Separation into 4 groups of his works shows his personal progression.

It is to link the relationship between form and color, with aspirations to release the color of the shape.

Patrick Aslanian starts from line drawings monographic and gestural and colorful circles that make up the space, resulting in the dissolution of the shape with the dominant space.

A thorough analysis of the work of Patrick Aslanian by architect Paul Kotopoulis rating include :

"What we can see directly is that the artist seeks beyond all this, a simple visual language in relation to the form, space and color to the rhythm of traditional modes of expression to bring the new era is a direct relationship to the architecture and design industry.

The inside sentiment is secondary, as increased training of its language. His works sometimes and could therefore be used not only as paintings but also models for application in architecture or industry. "